I have turned my attention back to this sight and I hope I am settled on things like format–and I am slowly finding my away around wordpress. I really want to make the site very visual. My idea is not to publish but to explore some of my on interests and to provide additional materials that supplement my participation in some other places on the web, e.g., Climate,Etc. where I have interests. I am now working on some initial content, listed here by decreasing priority:

  • An initial easy look at spatial correlation in annual surface temperature data (USHCN) in the lower 48 United Sates. The focus will be on the types of tools used and what the results typically look like. Listings of the small code(s) used will be included.
  • Extending the temperature effort to other data sets and North America. My interests are two-fold: First, develop some familiarity with some of the data others use/modeify and second, explore correlation by physiographical regions.
  • Development of tools for experimenting with decision analyses. In particular I am interested in exploiting symbolic computation. This revisits  and updates some xwork I did years ago in xlisp
  • Development of QAed open source software for nuclear facility performance assessment and hazardous chemical human health  risk assessment. Development of ancillary databases.
  • Revisiting scientific visualization.

This page is current open to commenters, so if you have comments or suggestion please feel to enter them.


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